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Game Moderators

Game moderators are players just like you, who generously have agreed to devote some of their time to helping people, and to improving the game overall. They cannot and will not be able to solve every situation you might have. They are just other players who are dedicated to the game and volunteer, and basically everything they do is because they want to help. So please, be kind to the moderators. Every time someone like BJDWare or Superxtreme take the time to sort out a realm problem or fix a broken door or try to help in any way, they're just doing it to help out.

Can I be a moderator? Being an in-game mod is invite-only. We keep a list of people that might be good, but asking to be a mod isn't really helpful. So how does one get invited to be a moderator? Just be a nice mature player who enjoys the game, builds cool stuff, plays often and is respected by other players. None of that guarantees you'll be invited but it's the best way. We have to be pretty careful about who we invite because it does grant the player a few extra powers. Also keep in mind that being a mod is not all fun. It comes with a few perks, but it also comes with sometimes having to stop what you're doing to help others, being yelled at and hounded by other players, etc...

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Forum Moderators

Forum moderators are a bit different than standard game moderators, not all of them have the in-game moderator status. This means that even if they're moderators on the forums, it doesn't mean that they are associated with the game moderators in any way. They are also just players like you, volunteering to keep order on the forums. The position is invite-only just as the game moderator status.

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Administrators are game developers or individuals working for Cosmic Cow Games LLC. They are almost always in the game to do something work-related. Deal with a support ticket. Investigate a problem. Build some content that's needed in the game etc... They will often be busy, but sometimes they will just play and look around and see what other players are up to. We enjoy visiting cool realms too. Most of the time we're hidden because if we don't hide ourselves we draw a large crowd of players. Generally so many that we can barely read all the chats and it may seem like we're ignoring you, but we're not trying to be rude. Unless it's a special event they are not there to give you free stuff, or to help you with a personal problem with another player. They may not be able to help with your issue right away. If you really need support then the best way is to use the support page. If you were scammed by another player use the player report button. I realize sometimes that can be a little slow, but it depends on what you need, when you wrote in and how many other people wrote in around the same time. Some support issues are not very easy to sort out, and can take a fair amount of time to work on. Feel free to ask questions about the game. We're happy to answer questions if we can.

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  • Mabz (Customer Support)

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