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Siddd's Avatar

Siddd is a player who has dedicated his spare time to help moderate Cubic Castles.

About Siddd

Siddd, besides his moderating role, likes chilling with his friends! He isn't particularly good in remembering things but is a perfect player to be with!

Joined Cubic Castles: N/A

Roles: Player, Game Moderator, Retired Forum Moderator

Joined the ingame moderator team: N/A

Location: The United Kingdom

Languages known: English.

Age: Unspecified.

Gender: Male.

Realms: CCDF Recruitment Center • Sid's Collection • Sid's Horror Story: Mars • Sid's Horror Story: The House • Sid's Horror Story: The Ship • Sid's Horror Story: The Well • Sid's Man Cave • Sid's Spaceship • Sid's Vending Holiday Item Shop • The City Of Dread [Apocalyptia] •

Clan: CCDF It stands for Cubic Castles Defence Force