Silvery Wand

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Silvery Wand

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Silvery Wand is an ingredient type, that equips within the "Hand" slot. It can also be used to create the Knockback Wand, and as such it deals no damage when casted.

Available Wands

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Heal Wand.png

Dwad 0dawddad88.png

Shrink Wand.png

Necromancing Wand.png

Fizzled Wand.png

Silvery Wand.png

Harm Wand

Heal Wand

Knock Back Wand

Shrink Wand

Necromancing Wand

Fizzled Wand

Silvery Wand

How to obtain

Obtained by crafting

Anvil.png OR Workbench.png Whittled Stick.png + Varnish.png + Silver.png = Silvery Wand.png
Anvil Workbench 1 Whittled Stick 1 Varnish 1 Silver 1 Silvery Wand

Item preview

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