Shrink Wand

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Shrink Wand

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Cubit Store

Shrink Wand is an offensive type, colored swirl Shaped PVP wand, that equips within the "Hand" slot. When fired, projectile colored swirls will appear, shrinking any players struck.

Available Wands

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Heal Wand.png

Dwad 0dawddad88.png

Shrink Wand.png

Necromancing Wand.png

Fizzled Wand.png

Harm Wand

Heal Wand

Knock Back Wand

Shrink Wand

Necromancing Wand

Fizzled Wand

How to obtain

It is available at the Cubit Store for 1500Cubit.png


  • If struck by the projectiles, a player will shrink. Shrunken players can be stepped upon and instantly killed.
  • A Shrink Wand has 1,500 charges when bought from the Cubit Store. Its charges decreases by 1 every time it is fired.
  • You can fire a wand, providing that the Player vs Player (PVP) realm option is turned ON. When it is not activated, a notice will appear if firing a wand is attempted otherwise.
  • Some bumper blocks can be activated by wands, regardless of the PVP realm setting. Such as Checkpoint bumpers.

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