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Mines are special respawnable Realms in which everyone can mine but not build. They can be found in every Overworld, however some of them do not have every type. Each mine contains different Blocks and biomes.

As of now, there are 5 different mine types:

Forest Mine ForestMine.jpg

Forest Mines can be found in every overworld. They mainly contain Grass, Dirt, Trees, and Flowers. You can find a lot of other things there as well. If you are lucky, you can find a mushroom that shines. That means if you break it, you can catch a Fairy by using a Jar, or can just catch it and take the dust from it!

Mountain MineMountainMine.jpg

Mountain Mines can also be found in every overworld. They consist of Mountain Blocks, Mountain Grass, and a lot of other blocks. You can also find some Snow and Ice.

Desert MineDesertMine.jpg

Unfortunately, Desert Mines cannot be found in every overworld. These mines contain a bunch of Sand related blocks, such as the sand itself, Mesa and Mesa Top. In addition to that, other items such as Cactuses and Bones can also be found within.

Tropical MineTropicalMine.jpg

Tropical Mines can be found in every overworld. They have a lot of Water, Tropical Grass, and much more!

Arctic MineArcticMine.jpg Along with mostly of the other mines, Arctic Mines can be found in every overworld. They involve a lot of snow and ice, thus there's much dirt under it.

There are also Cavern Mines, which can be found via Mountain Mines. Although, you have to explore the mine a lot to find the portal that will take you to it. Cavern Mines consist of Crystals, Gemstones, Stalagmites and a lot more. Definitely worth exploring! Be sure you have some torches or candles with you to light your way!