Arctic Mines

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Arctic Mine.PNG


Arctic Mines can be found in every overworld. They can be found on the north section of the skymap. The surface layer of Arctic Mines are covered with snow and ice. They involve various basic blocks and ores. Currently, they are the only renewable source for Oil, Ice Boulders, Dead Tree and Geysers.

Blocks and Resources

Item name:
Item name:
Item name:
Snow.png Snow Ice.png Ice Oil.png Oil
Mountain Grass.png Mountain Grass Dirt.png Dirt Mountain Boulder.png Mountain Boulder
Coal.png Coal Stone.png Stone Ice Boulder.png Ice Boulder
Gold.png Gold Silver.png Silver Iron.png Iron
Pine Trunk.png Pine Trunk Dead Tree.png Dead Tree Frostberry Bush.png Frostberry Bush
Fast Geyser.png Fast Geyser Slow Geyser.png Slow Geyser Snowy Pine Bough.png Snowy Pine Bough
Sulfur.png Sulfur Mineral Deposit.png Mineral Deposit Wut.png Artifact

Newbies Tips

  • Sulfur and mineral deposite spawn near geysers.
  • In some cases you will have to face a blizzard (Low view / Wind / Falling Snow).