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Item type:


Crafting Ingredient

Available in:

Forest Mines

Starter Realms

Realms & Rooms

Grass is a naturally spawned basic decorative building block that may also be used for crafting. There are three variations of texture of Grass block shown in item preview. Their texture changes randomly between those three options each time it is built.

There are also Tropical Grass and Mountain Grass blocks that are similar to Grass blocks.

One may craft String by using two Grass blocks, which is used to craft Candle and Rope Ladder. Similarly it can also be used to make Half Grass.

How to obtain

Grass blocks are widely available in Forest Mines ( and within bought forest Rooms and Realms.You can even get them from your Starter Realm! ). One can generally and naturally find these blocks on surface layers of ground. No perk is required to mine them.

Item preview