Starter Realm

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Starter Realm Preview

Every new Qbee receives a 17x17 Starter Realm, it is their new home in Cubic Castles! It can be accessed straight after leaving the Adventure, and even placed in the Overworld later on.

Within that very place, players can let their imagination run wild and build anything they want, mine for some basic resources and craft amazing things, and even open a starter gift with some useful stuff!

If you've ran out of space and the Starter Realm just isn't enough, saving up CubitsCubit.png and going to the Cubit Store to buy a new Room/Realm will do the trick.

Useful Contents

Starter realm comes with a variety of basic things to get a player started.

Firstly, the starter gift:

Girl'sStarterGift.png OR Boy'sStarterGift.png
Girl's Starter Gift Boy's Starter Gift

There's two of them present, but only one can be opened. When one is pulled, the second one disappears... so a wise choice is needed!

Both of the gifts come with similar items, however there is a small difference. The pink gift contains blocks that are more suited for decoration, whereas the blue one comes with blocks that are a bit more dangerous. Doesn't really matter if you are a decorative gift or daring gift to choose one, whatever suits you as a qbee

In addition to that, there's also a few other useful items:

Chest.png   Chest
Anvil.png   Anvil
Computer.png   Computer
CrudeSignpost.png   Crude Signposts
Rehydrator.png   Rehydrator