Girl's Starter Gift

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IconQbee.pngThe "Girl's Starter Gift" is the RED Gift in a player's starter Realm.

Girl's Starter Gift

Girl's Starter Gift.png

Item type:


Available in:

Starter Realm

Items Dropped From Gift

10 - 20 Blue Plaster Blue Plaster.png
10 - 20 Red Plaster Red Plaster.png
50 - 100 Grass Grass.png
1 Anvil


1 Old Wood Chair

Old Wood Chair.png

1 Old Wood Table

Old Wood Table.png

1 - 10 Pink Flowers

Pink Flower.png

40 - 100 Iron


40 - 100 Stone


10 - 50 Clay Lumps


1 Dehydrated Cube Red

D-Cube Red.png

A Random Chance to Get a Wearable


  • When mined, the Gift next to it called the "Boy's Starter Gift" will disappear.
  • Realms used to spawn with Bonus Gifts until they became 17x17 in mid-2016.