Sci-Fi Pack

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Sci-Fi pack's icon

Sci-fi Pack is a permanent pack that can be found and bought from the Cubit Store.


  • Inside there are 3 smaller packs:
  1. Block Pack A
  2. Block Pack B
  3. Special Pack
  • A new music block, Space Drone!
  • A new ride, a moon buggy!
  • Robo - Treatz
  1. Model C
  2. Model F
  3. Model N
  • 2 new environment stamps:
  1. Stars
  2. Moonar(Lowgrav)

Block Pack A

Block Pack A's icon

Block Pack A costs 1000 Cubit.png.


  • 250 Moonar Surface blocks
  • 50 Moon Dome blocks
  • 250 Alien Surface blocks
  • 30 Random Exterior decorative blocks

Item name:
Moonar Surface.png Moonar Surface Common
Moonar Rocks.png Moonar Rocks Common
Moonar Crater 1.png Moonar Crater 1 Common
Moonar Crater 2.png Moonar Crater 2 Common
Moonar Crater 3.png Moonar Crater 3 Common
Moon Dome.png Moon Dome Common
Alien Surface.png Alien Surface Common
Alien Plant.png Alien Plant Common
Alien Stalagmite.png Alien Stalagmite Common
Alien Rock.png Alien Rock Rare
Alien Monument.png Alien Monument Common

Block Pack B

Block Pack B's icon

Block Pack B costs 1000 Cubit.png.


  • 250 Sci - Fi Floor blocks
  • 250 Sci - Fi Wall blocks
  • 50 Random Interior decorative blocks

Item name:
Space Radar.png Space Radar Common
Access Control Panel.png Access Control Panel Common
Sci Fi Cabinet.png Sci Fi Cabinet Common
Sci Fi Chest.png Sci Fi Chest Common
Single PC.png Single Computer Station Common
Double PC.png Double Computer Station Common
Hiber Pod.png Hibernation Pod Common
Hologram.png Hologram Device Common
Meeting Table.png Meeting Table Common
Railings.png Railings Common
Sci Fi Table.png Sci Fi Table Common
Servers.png Servers Common
Wall Monitor.png Wall Monitor Common
Chart Monitor.png Chart Wall Monitor Common
Chart 2 Monitor.png Charts 2 Wall Monitor Common
Stats Monitor.png Stats Wall Monitor Common
Destination Monitor.png Destination Wall Monitor Common
Warning Monitor.png Warning Wall Monitor Common
Sci Fi Blue Chair.png Sci Fi Blue Chair Common
Sci Fi Red Chair.png Sci Fi Red Chair Common
Sci Fi Floor.png Sci Fi Floor Common
Sci Fi Wall.png Sci Fi Wall Common

Special Pack

Special pack's icon

Special Pack costs 1500 Cubit.png.


  • 15 slow conveyors
  • 15 fast conveyors
  • 15 green laser walls
  • 15 red laser walls
  • one random clothing item, 1% chance to receive a rare Cosmic Cow Head

Item name:
Item type:
Slow Conveyor.png Slow Conveyor Common Block
Fast Conveyor.png Fast Conveyor Common Block
Green Laser Wall.png Green Laser Wall Common Block
Red Laser Wall.png Red Laser Wall Common Block
Modern Helm.png Modern Astronaut Helmet Common Clothing
Moonar Helm.png Moonar Helmet Common Clothing
SF Helm.png Sci-Fi Astronaut Helmet Common Clothing
CC Head.png Cosmic Cow Head Rare Clothing

Moonar Pants.png

Moonar Pants Common Clothing
Moonar Jacket.png Moonar Jacket Common Clothing
Moonar.png Moonar Backpack Common Clothing
O2tank.png Sci-fi O2 Tank Common Clothing


There are 3 new pets added in the Sci Fi update.

Robo - Treatz

Robo - Treatz

You will require Robo - Treatz in order to level the robot pets up. The Robo - Treatz pack costs 100 Cubit.png and contains 5 Robo - Treatz.

Item name:
Model C station.png Model C Station Common 10,000 Cubit.png
Model N station.png Model N Station Common 25,000 Cubit.png
Model F station.png Model F Station Common 50,000 Cubit.png

Space Drone

A new music block! A perfect add-on for all your Sci-Fi builds, creates great robotic surroundings!

Moon Buggy

Moon Buggy

Moon Buggy Key.png



Item type:


Available in:

Sci-fi pack

Moon Buggy is a car that can be bought from the Sci-fi pack for 50,000 Cubit.png.


Environment Stamps

Within this pack there are 2 new Environment Stamps:

Item name:
Item type:
Stars Stamp.png Stars Common Environment Stamp
Moonar Stamp.png Moonar (Low Grav) Common Environment Stamp

Stamp Notes

  • Both of the stamps are bottomless stamps which means that if you haven't placed ground blocks, you will fall into the void.
  • Moonar Low Gravity stamps adds a unique effect to your realm that will make all your jumps boosted.