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Dog Kennel

Pets are cute little animals that follow you wherever you go!


Each Pet has a condition needed in order for them to follow you. Pets can Jump up to 2 blocks, and produce a sad face if you go out of range. If your pet dies, it will respawn after you leave the realm or relog.

As Pets level up, they grow bigger, at Level 50, some pets turn into their "Ultimate form" however, very few pets don't have an ultimate form at level 50.


Besides being a great companion, Pets can also be used to find Wall Art Sets. They will indicate a "!" when it is near a Wall Art. The higher the Pet's level is, the further away it can find Wall Art.

Pet List

Item name:
Cubit Store Price:
Level Required:
Black Meemew House.png Black Meemew House Seasonal Packs All levels
Chicken Coop.png Chick Coop Seasonal Packs All levels
Dog Kennel.png Dog Kennel Cubit Store 10000 Cubit.png 15
Elf Hut.png Elf Hut Seasonal Packs All levels
Flame Lair.png Flame Lair Cubit Store $ 9.99 15
Hopper House.png Hopper House Cubit Store 20000 Cubit.png 25
Meemew House.png Meemew House Cubit Store 10000 Cubit.png 15
PumpkinHouse.png Pumpkin House Seasonal Packs All levels
Ram House.png Ramm House Discontinued 25
Reindeer Kennel.png Reindeer Kennel Seasonal Packs All levels
Snowman Kennel.png Snowman Kennel Seasonal Packs All levels
TurkeyKennel.png Turkey Kennel Seasonal Packs All levels
Wuvva Pig Kennel.png Wuvva Pig Kennel Seasonal Packs All levels


  • Pets only die to Lava, Spikes, and Bottomless Realm while the likes of fire traps and mobs won't kill or harm a pet.
  • Some pets can only be taken out at the required level (View the Pet List)
  • Pets need Pet Treatz to receive EXP from certain actions; it can be bought in a pack of 5 from Cubit Store at the price of 100 Cubit.png to be able to level up by doing regular activities, such as mining and building.
  • It has the same amount of experience points needed for all levels except level 49-50.
  • Level 49-50 has reduced experience points needed to compensate with the level down when placing them back to its kennel.
  • Elf pets can't become level 50, unlike all the other pets. Elfs are the only pets that can't grow or fly.