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Your blocks, your castle, your world!
Build anything you can dream up and explore with other players! Cubic Castles is an MMO that combines the best of block-building and 3D platform action! Create fantastic parkour challenges,explore worlds made by other players, or even make new friends!


5/18/2016: New update!

  • Spudbug Pack: These little bugs crawl back and forth!
  • Spook Pack: Note: these ghosts will leave the store on June 1, but be back in October.
  • Wigs!: Ever wanted some hair for your qbee? Put on a wig!
  • Indoor: This environment skin will make your walls appear inside.
  • The Chosen Pack: Small items from our upcoming adventure, including footprints!
  • Futuristic Door: Opens and shuts and looks oh so futuristic!
  • Slymed Environments:Icky, goopy environments!


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Whats2.png   What's Cubic Castles?
Whats2.png   What do I do?
Starter2.png   Starter Realm
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Overworld2.png   Overworlds
Mines2.png   Mines
Launchpads2.png   Launchpads
Cubic3.png   Cubic Realms
Rooms2.png   Lobbies
Realm2.png   Realms
Rooms2.png   Rooms

Store2.png   Cubit Store
Crafting2.png   Crafting
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Clothing2.png   Clothing
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Events2.png   Events & Contests
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Cubic2.png   Cubic Lore
History2.png   Cubic History
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