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Example ingredient (Gold)

Ingredients are non-placeable items which are mostly used in Crafting.

Some of them can even be consumed or used in an amazing way!


Item name:
Sticks.png Sticks Dead Tree, Bush & Crafting
Thorns.png Thorns Bush & Cactus
Coal.png Coal Mines | Mountain Boulder
Iron.png Iron Mines & Iron Pack
Stone.png Stone Mines, Boulder & Stone Pack
Silver.png Silver Mines & Luxury Metals
Gold.png Gold Mines & Luxury Metals
Cotton.png Cotton Mines | Cotton Bush
Rubber.png Rubber Mines | Rubber Trunk
Beeswax.png Beeswax Mines
Blue Magic Dust.png Blue Magic Dust Mines | Fairy
Red Magic Dust.png Red Magic Dust Mines | Fairy
Purple Magic Dust.png Purple Magic Dust Mines | Fairy
Gold Magic Dust.png Gold Magic Dust Mines | Fairy

Crafting Materials

Item name:
Blue Dye.png Blue Dye Crafting
Black Dye.png Black Dye Crafting
Charcoal.png Charcoal Crafting & Crafter's Kit
ClayLump.png Clay Lump Crafting
Cloth.png Cloth Crafting
GhostGum.png Ghost Gum Crafting
GhostDust.png Ghost Dust Crafting & Foam Kit
Gizmo.png Gizmo Crafting
GoldenWand.png Golden Wand Crafting
Green Dye.png Green Dye Crafting
Magnet.png Magnet Crafting
Orange Dye.png Orange Dye Crafting
Paper.png Paper Crafting
PineResin.png Pine Resin Crafting
Pink Dye.png Pink Dye Crafting
PipeMaterial.png Pipe Crafting
Porcelain.png Porcelain Crafting
Purple Dye.png Purple Dye Crafting
Red Dye.png Red Dye Crafting
RefinedIron.png Refined Iron Crafting
RefinedSteel.png Refined Steel Crafting
Rope.png Rope Crafting
RubberBand.png Rubber Band Crafting
RubberHose.png Rubber Hose Crafting
SilveryWand.png Silvery Wand Crafting
Solvent.png Solvent Crafting
Spring.png Spring Crafting
SteelRod.png Steel Rod Crafting
String.png String Crafting & Crafter's Kit
Tacks.png Tacks Crafting & Crafter's Kit
Varnish.png Varnish Crafting & Crafter's Kit
VulcanizedRubber.png Vulcanized Rubber Crafting
White Dye.png White Dye Crafting
Whittled Stick.png Whittled Stick Crafting
Yellow Dye.png Yellow Dye Crafting


Item name:
Be Mine Candy.png Be Mine Candy Love Pack
Booger.png Booger Bunnyzilla
Candy Bar.png Candy Bar Halloween Pack
Candy Corn.png Candy Corn Halloween Pack
Chiliberries.png Chiliberries Chiliberry Bush
Chocolate Bunny.png Chocolate Bunny Easter Pack
Chocolate Egg.png Chocolate Egg Easter Pack
Chocolates.png Chocolates Love Pack
Corn.png Corn Farming
Egg.png Egg Mines | Nest
Eggplant.png Eggplant Farming
Frostberries.png Frostberries Frostberry Bush
Glue.png Glue Crafting & Crafter's Kit
Sunberries.png Sunberries Sunberry Bush
Yumberries.png Yumberries Yumberry Bush


Item name:
Cloudy Potion.png Cloudy Potion Crafting & Foam Kit
Fiery Potion.png Fiery Potion Crafting
Magicial Potion.png Magicial Potion Crafting
Spicy Potion.png Spicy Potion Crafting
Sunny Potion.png Sunny Potion Crafting


Item name:
RedFadeyFoam.png Red Fadey Foam Crafting
BlueFadeyFoam.png Blue Fadey Foam Crafting
GreenFadeyFoam.png Green Fadey Foam Crafting
Dehydrated Cubes.gif Dehydrated Cube's Mines
D-Cube Gold.png Golden Dehydrated Cube Green Dehydrated Cube