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Item type:


Crafting Ingredient

Available in:


Starter Realms

Realms & Rooms

Dirt is one of the simplest building Block and Crafting Ingredient. It cannot be crafted, however it can be used to craft Mud, Soil and Half Dirt. Like other simple building blocks, dirt also have only one texture, shown in item preview. Its also well known due to the April Fool's Dirt Pack of 2016 -spoilers-. There is not much else to say about dirt beside don't keep your Rooms and Realms dirty!

How to obtain

Dirt is one of the easiest blocks to obtain that is found in every Mine and bought tropical Rooms and Realms as well as Stater Realm The most bottom layer of each Mine is covered with dirt. In mines like Forest Mines, Tropical Mines, Mountain Mines, Arctic Mines, Its generally under Grass layer of ground. The type of Grass can be Grass, Tropical Grass or Mountain Grass depending on Mine. Its also found under Ice and Snow as well as Mountains. However there is no dirt under Soil Blocks of Volcanos in Tropical Mines. Similarly there is also not much dirt in Desert Mines and Cavern Mines except the once in the most bottom layer and some of side edges.

Item preview

Dirt 01.png

Photo Gallery

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