Wuvva Pig Kennel

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Wuvva Pig Kennel

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Wuvva Pig Kennel is a block that summons a pet (Pig). The Kennel has an icon of a Heart surrounded by a Pink color of the Kennel. Wuvva Pig looks like a Tip Piggy but has a Heart sign on each sides except the back and the face.

How to obtain

It was available back in Valentine's Event. It is obtainable from the Love Pack 2016.


  • When first placed, you will be prompted to name the pet Pig.
  • You can take your pet Pig with you at any level.
  • You can take out, and put away your Pet anytime you want with the Kennel.
  • You will need to feed the Pet with a Pet Sausage if you want it to gain XP.
  • The max attainable level of a Pig, is Level 50.
  • Breaking the Kennel will make your Pet disappear, unless you place the Kennel back.
  • When Pet reaches level 50, it will become a Golden Pig.
  • Breaking the Kennel while your Pet is not in, may make your pet turn back to Level 1 again.

Item Preview

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