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Editors & Chief Editors

Wiki Editors are people who are approved by chief editors or a higher rank, Editors are usually confirmed by Chief Editors. There are requirements for both positions of course, you can’t just obtain a position on the wiki and expect to be able to edit the wiki. Requirements to become a regular editor, anyone can become an editor. Requirements to be an editor are “50 or More Comments on forums, Must have a forums account older than a month”. Chief editors require more trust and require more participation on the Wiki. Requirements for this rank is 10 High Quality Pages. Has been improving the wiki for over a month, and has a good or general knowledge of media wiki.

Chief of Wiki

Current Chief Editors




Former Chief Editors

Professional Killer

Kewbin (Huge Contributions to the Wiki)

Active Editors

This can change by time the names may not always stay here up here and can be removed and replaced with new names (Editors aren’t required to make a page for themselves and probably isn’t advised)




Can I join the wiki team?

Heck yeah! We encourage people to join the wiki team to update the wiki or to create pages to keep the game up to date. Not sure where to begin?
You can always begin by reading the Wiki Editing Page, go ahead and click Wiki Editing To learn how to edit. You feel you meet all requirements up there and have read the wiki editing and feel ready! Go ahead and apply at this link Here