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Editors & Chief Editors

Editors & Chief Editors have an active role in keeping the wiki up to date.


  • A user able to contribute to the wiki.
  • Has the following rights: Create/Edit/Move/Reupload owned images

Chief Editors

  • A trusted user able to both contribute and manage the wiki and its Editors.
  • Has the following rights: Editor's + Delete/Undelete/Reupload all images/Add or remove Editors/Edit protected pages

Chief of Wiki

Current Chief Editors






Former Chief Editors

Professional Killer

Kewbin (Huge Contributions to the Wiki)

Active Editors

This can change by time the names may not always stay here up here and can be removed and replaced with new names (Editors aren’t required to make a page for themselves and probably isn’t advised)




Can I Join the Wiki Team?

Heck yeah! We encourage all people to join the wiki team to help update the wiki or to create pages. Not sure where to begin?
First, read how to apply to become a Wiki Editor [[1]]. If you don't have experience with media wiki, go to Wiki Editing for help. If you meet all the requirements from the forum post, then leave a comment in the correct format:
1. Your wiki username
2. What you are applying for
3. Experience with media wiki
You will then have to wait to be approved by a Chief Editor.