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Item type:


Available in:

Cubit Store

Scaffold is a special type of block that can be bought from the Cubit Store

There are currently 3 available types of scaffold for players to use in-game. Each can be bought from the cubit store from their respective packs.


Scaffold - The main type of scaffold used in building. These are great for constructing platforms, building upwards or placing markers while planing. Known for its yellow and black diagonal stripes, these can be placed like other regular blocks however, they vanish when mined. When multiple scaffolds are connected, all disappear if one of the blocks are mined. Any other type of scaffold that are connected will also disappear.

Drop Scaffold - The second type of scaffold used in building. As the name implies, this scaffold will drop 1 block below where it originally would have appeared, making this type suitable for building downwards instead of upwards. These are known for their blue and black diagonal stripes. Like regular scaffold, drop scaffold will also disappear when broken, whether connected or mixed to similar or different scaffolds.

Starter Scaffold - With diagonal black and white stripes, this variant was introduced in the racing update. Starter Scaffolds main purpose is to act as a barrier at any Starting Line before a race. When the scaffold is placed near a Start Bumper, it will break after the count down ends. Like any other scaffold, it disappears when pulled, multiple breaks when connected and it vanishes along with other connected types of scaffold.

How to Obtain:

The "Scaffolding Pack" in the cubit store can be bought for 200 cubits, the pack provides the player with 1000 Scaffold and 200 Drop Scaffold.

The "Road Race Pack" can be bought from the cubit store for 1500 cubits, the pack gives the player 1000 Starter Scaffold along with the other racing items within the pack.


  • Drop Scaffold will not drop if there is a block in the space below.
  • Scaffold can be collected if a bomb is used to destroy the blocks, however buying another scaffolding pack would be preferable.
  • All types of scaffold will react to the blast of a Start Bumper when connected.