Red Robe

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Red Robe

Red Robe.png



Item type:


Available in:

Cubit Store


Red Robe is a clothing item that equips within the "Back" slot of the outfit section.

Available colors of Robes

White Robe.png

Grey Robe.png

Black Robe.png

Blue Robe.png

Green Robe.png

Orange Robe.png

Purple Robe.png

Pink Robe.png

Red Robe.png

Yellow Robe.png

White Robe

Grey Robe

Black Robe

Blue Robe

Green Robe

Orange Robe

Purple Robe

Pink Robe

Red Robe

Yellow Robe

How to obtain

  • Can be originally obtained within the Cubit Store, via the "Clothes!" Pack.


Anvil.png OR Workbench.png Red Dye.png + Any Color Robe.png = Red Robe.png
Anvil Workbench 1 Red Dye 1 Any Robe 1 Red Robe


  • Robes cover both the "Chest" and "Pant" area's of the character, thus hiding any items within those slots.
  • The "Waist" slot does not always get covered by robes. Items such as Tutu's appear around the outside of robes, along the waist. Where Skirt's partially protrude from the bottom of a robe.
  • Equipping an item within the "Hand" slot of the outfit section whilst wearing a robe, will make the left arm appear from within a robe.

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