Raffle Box

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Raffle Box

Raffle Box.png

Item type:


Available in:


Cubic Town Center

Cubic Learning Center

The Raffle Box is a box where players can place Raffle Tokens within, for a chance to win the Monthly Raffle.

How to obtain

How to use

Simply approach a Raffle Box, and drag & drop a Raffle Token, or a stack of them to the top of the Raffle Box.
Be careful not to pass your tokens to other players!


  • If a single Token is submitted, the message "You just entered the raffle. Good luck!" appears.
  • If multiple Tokens are submitted at once, the message "You just entered the raffle X amount times. Good luck!" appears.

Item preview

Raffle Box Preview Front.png Raffle Box Preview Side.png Raffle Box Preview Rear.png