Meemew House

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Meemew House

Meemew House.png

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Cubit Store

Meemew House is a block that summons a Cat once placed. Kitty Kennel is the name of the item in the game. Meemew House is also one of the first pets to be released in the game.

The Meemew House has a small icon of a Cat Head and is surrounded with a Blue colored roof.

How to obtain


  • When first placed, you will be prompted to name the pet Kitty.
  • You can take your pet with you if you are over Level 15+.
  • You can take out, and put away your Pet anytime you want with the Kennel.
  • You will need to feed the Pet with a Pet Sausage if you want it to gain XP.
  • The max attainable level of a Kitty, is Level 50.
  • Breaking the Kennel will make your Pet disappear, unless you place the Kennel back.
  • If you want to change the Pet's name.. Break the Kennel and place it back and you'll then be able to write a new Name for your pet.
  • If you leveled up a pet and broke the Kennel while the pet is with you, It will come back to the previous level when you placed it.

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