Half White Plaster

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Half White Plaster

Half White Plaster.png

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Half White Plaster is the standart white colored form of Half Plaster Blocks made out of White Plaster . It is a Craftable decorative building Block to add colors to Rooms and Realms as well as making Pixel Arts. By using the relevant Dyes and any half plaster, one can make Half Black Plaster, Half Blue Plaster, Half Green Plaster, Half Orange Plaster, Half Purple Plaster, Half Pink Plaster, Half Red Plaster, Half Yellow Plaster or Half White Plaster.

Types of Half Plaster Block

Half White Plaster.png

Half Black Plaster.png

Half Blue Plaster.png

Half Green Plaster.png

Half Orange Plaster.png

Half Purple Plaster.png

Half Pink Plaster.png

Half Red Plaster.png

Half Yellow Plaster.png

White Half Plaster

Half Black Plaster

Half Blue Plaster

Half Green Plaster

Half Orange Plaster

Half Purple Plaster

Half Pink Plaster

Half Red Plaster

Half Yellow Plaster

How to obtain

Half White Plaster is obtainable either by craft it by using White Plaster and Chisel or one may also get it by using any half plaster and White Dye.

Item name:
Half White Plaster.png Half White Plaster
White Plaster.png + Chisel.png = Half White Plaster.png
1 1 1

Item preview

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