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GO Bumper

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Cubit Store. 1 for 1000Cubit.png

GO Bumper is a block that can work with a Finish Line Bumper. It is mainly used for recording the time of racers and its the starting part of recording system. When its bumped a chronometer/timers starts the time shown above qbee (if not hiden by hidey bumper). When a qbee bumps Finish Line Bumper that time and racers name is recorded in Finish Line Bumper if the time is in top ten. One of essetials of races and parkours.


  • There were some glitches in past
  • bumping by shooting it with wand may let you gain time.

How to obtain

It is obtainable in the Cubit Store, In "Game" section, you will see a Race Pack. You may get one from Race Pack.

Item preview

Start Bumper.png