Double Mattress

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Double Mattress

Double Mattress.png

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Housing Pack

Double Mattress is a Block in Cubic Castles. It is the full-block version of Mattress, having the same textures and colour. Despite the name, sitting animations will not be triggered when you stand on it.

How to obtain

Double Mattress can be obtained through Crafting and Housing Packs.

Sewing Kit.png Workbench.png Spring.png + Cloth.png + Cotton.png + New Wood Planks.png = Double Mattress.png
Sewing Kit Workbench 4 2 4 2 1


  • The recipe of Double Mattress requires twice as much materials as the recipe for Mattress, hence the name "Double Mattress".
  • Double Mattress, along with Mattress, Ribbon and Rope Ladder, are the only blocks crafted with Sewing Kit.