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Doorskins or doorway stamps are items which are used to change the appearance of a Doorway They are one-time use items, which mean they can't be taken after they are used in a doorway, and they will vanish if the doorway is applied with another doorskin.

Doorskin list

Item name:
PurplePortal.png Purple Portal Cubit Store
GreenPortal.png Green Portal Cubit Store
BluePortal.png Blue Portal Cubit Store
FuturisticDoors.png Futuristic Door Cubit Store
CaveDoor.png Cave Door Cubit Store
ChiselledCavedDoor.png Chiselled Caved Door Cubit Store
Portcullis.png Portcullis Dungeon Pack
LockedPortcullis.png Locked Portcullis Dungeon Pack
Link Portal.png Link Cubit Store
MyRealmSkinDoor.png My Realm Door Skin Unavailable
AdventureDoor.png Adventure Door Unavailable
SlimewayPortal.png Slimeway Portal Unavailable