Yumberry Bush

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Yumberry Bush

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Item type:


Available in:

Mountain Mines

Cubit Store

Yumberry Bush is a harvest-able bush type block, that reproduces Yumberries.

Available harvest-able block's

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Chiliberry Bush.png

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Cotton Bush.png

Rubber Tree Trunk 2.png

Frostberry Bush

Yumberry Bush

Chiliberry Bush

Sunberry Bush

Cotton Bush

Rubber Tree Trunk

How to obtain

Is obtained within Mountain Mines.
Obtained from the Cubit Store via the Farm Pack for 750cCubit.png.


  • One can also place their own harvest-able block's within their rooms/realms to make ones own makeshift farms.
  • A bush can only be harvested when the berries appear/reappear upon the bush. They regrow after aprox. 45 min.

Item preview

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