Wuvva Wallpaper

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Wuvva Wallpaper

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Item type:


Available in:

Love Pack 2016

Wuvva Wallpaper is a block from the Love Pack 2016.It comes in 3 colors: Red, White and Pink. Every Wuvva Wallpaper have some small hearts on each side.

How to obtain

Avaiable in the Love Pack, you can receive it by buying the pack for 2500 Cubit.png. Each pack purchased came with many items, including 25 of a randomized wuvva wallpaper.

Item preview

Cubic 2016-07-14 22-46-48-75.jpg Cubic 2016-07-14 22-50-15-91.jpg Cubic 2016-07-14 22-47-05-89.jpg Cubic 2016-07-14 22-47-02-83.jpg