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Want to contribute but don't know how? This page will get you started!

First off, you must know that all the edited/created content must undergo moderation before being published. Therefore if you make an edit, create a page, or even correct a word that is off, one of our Administrators/Moderators will need to approve it before it goes public (for safety purposes). This is why you won't immediately see anything you edit appear on the site, but will still be available in the latest edit window.

To see how it'll look like when approved, simply press the preview button. If you saved your work and want to see it/edit it, just click the edit button again and the latest revision will appear ready to be edited/previewed again.

Now that you know how our system works, lets get to the basics!

Creating Pages

To create a wiki page, its name has to be manually typed into the browser box. However, you need to use "_" instead of spaces.

To do this, paste this link... but don't hit enter just yet!

Next, enter your desired page name at the end:


Hit enter, and the browser will take you to your new page. Click create or edit and add some content!

Page Templates

For your work to be approved, you'll need to use our pre-made templates for any new pages you create. They'll just require you to fill in the blanks and upload any required images into the blue "Drop files here" box when you edit.

If there is a page that wouldn't fit any of our templates, please contact Horus directly on the forums.

Basic Templates

Item Templates

If the item can be purchased from the cubit store, use this box:

Wiki Formatting

The wiki platform we're using has its own unique coding (MediaWiki).

We'll list the basics here, but for more advanced users here's its whole formatting page -

Page Links

To link a word to a specific wiki page, use this piece of code:

[[Page Name]]

E.g. [[Wiki Editing]]

Image Links

To post an image, you firstly have to upload it. This can be done by dragging files onto the "Drop files here" box upon editing.

Next, you will have to use another bit of code:


E.g. [[File:Cubit.png]]

If you'd like the image to lead to somewhere, add a link using this:


E.g. [[File:Cubit.png|link=]]