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'''That's it! Now go and play and let your imagination go wild!'''
'''Have Fun!'''

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What can you do on Cubic Castles?

Well there are a lot of things you can do on this game, you can build, make friends, sell and buy items, dress up in fun outfits, role play, or do parkours, or craft blocks and items, or maybe build a house for yourself and your friends!

Build : There are no limits to this game! Your imagination will take flight as you build and create your masterpieces you created inside of your head!

Craft : You can craft many items like blocks, or decorations to put in your realm! You can also put items in a Forge, Extractor, or a Distiller to make new blocks and items!

Make Friends : There are many people in the Cubic Castles community, go out and make friends!

Sell and Buy Items! : You can make a shop and sell money for cubits! Cubits are in-game currency and you can buy many items or blocks with them from the cubic store, or from other players!

Parkour : Some players create Parkours for others to enjoy! A parkour is a place with hard jumps to get to the end, see how far you can go and if you reach the end!

Dress up! : In Cubic Castles there are many outfits you can wear, you can buy these with Cubits in the Cubit Store or off of other players! See how many fun outfits you can create!

Role Play : Maybe you're the type who likes to Role Play (RP for short), you can create an RP house or realm and RP with your friends! Let your imaginations go wild! If it's a house RP, supernatural RP, or animal RP!

Have Fun!