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Cubic Castles Logo

Your blocks, your castle, your world! Build anything you can dream up and explore with other players! Cubic Castles is a mini-MMO that combines the best of block-building and 3D platform action!

About this Game:

3D Platforming Meets Open World Voxel Building!

Cubic Castles is an online game where you build worlds from cubes and other items. What kind of worlds? Anything you want! Role playing, 3D-platform gaming, or other challenges! What you make is up to you. Want to make a punishing parkour with slippery ice and deadly spikes? No problem! Or maybe a simple house on a hill overlooking a lake? That's easy too! Even after only a few days the open beta saw players create many fantastic and varied worlds!


Massively multiplayer in one large, persistent world.

You share the world with everyone! Find a plot of land, put a castle down, and start building! The sky is your limit!

Super-playable 3D Platform Action

Cubic Castles operates with a fixed camera that you control, and the gameplay is anything you want it to be, from action platforming to artistic design.

Customizable Characters

Create your own unique look with hats, shirts, pants, glasses, wings, and more! All items you need to look your best can be purchased in the Cubit Store and in player-built shops in the game!

Mining Resources

Mine resources in a variety of world biomes including forests, arctic wastelands, deserts, mountain ranges, and tropical islands, all with different resources you can use. More to come!

Intuitive Crafting

Just drag your raw resources and tools into a workbench to see what you can make!

Crazy Obstacles

Accelo-rings, mechanical spikes, quicksand, lava, warp doors, and tons of hazardous blocks await!

Generous Economics

Forget the grind! Our pricing is fair and reasonable. And there are daily free quests that reward you with cubits, cubits even pop up as you mine!

Active Community

Cubic Castles has a loyal, growing community that is very, very active.


Come and meet many players all around the world and socialize with them. Maybe you'll meet friends along the way! Anything can be spiced up with friends around you!


Test your skills against other players in wand battles! Win or lose, the experience will always be fun!


Got nothing to do? Why not spend some time farming and earn more recubes to buy more stuff! It's a win-win situation.