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Cortana and her pet Lucius

Cortana is one of the players who dedicated her spare time to help moderate Cubic Castles.

About Cortana

Cortana is Russian moderator who enjoys all things art and design, likes anime, horror movies and music, and plays many other games as well. She spends most of her spare time helping players in-game and on the forums. During free from moderation time she builds or just hangs out with the other players and friends. If Cortana is AFK, she is most likely on the forums or drawing.

Joined Cubic Castles: 30th of November, 2014.

Roles: Player, beta tester, in-game moderator, official forums moderator, official wiki moderator.

Joined the in-game moderator team: July of 2015.

Joined the forum moderator team: December of 2015.

Location: Unspecified.

Languages known: English, Russian.

Age: In her 20s.

Gender: Female.

Realms: All "The Oriental" realms, built and owned together with Horus; additional: Silent Hill, Ghost Town, Whispering Garden; many other realms are abandoned.

Clan: Hydra.