Turkey Kennel

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Turkey Kennel

Turkey Kennel.png

Item type:


Available in:

Thanksgiving Pack

Turkey Kennel is a unique place-able item that summons a pet Turkey once placed.
The Turkey Kennel has a small icon of turkey feathers and is surrounded by a brown colored roof.

How to obtain


  • When first placing the Turkey Kennel, you will be prompted to name the pet.
  • By clicking the "Here Boy!" icon, you can take out the Turkey pet.
  • There is no level requirement to take out the Turkey pet from the kennel.
  • After feeding Pets with Pet Sausage, and Breaking & Building blocks, your pet will gain experience points.
  • When the pet is hungry, no experience points would be gained.
  • The max level of all pets are level 50.
  • Once the Turkey pet is level 50, it will turn golden.
  • By breaking the kennel, the Turkey pet will disappear.