Tropical Mines

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Tropical Mines can be found in every overworld. They have a lot of Water, Tropical Grass, sugar cane and much more!

Blocks and Resources

Item name:
Tropical Grass.png Tropical Grass
Dirt.png Dirt
Water.png Water
Sand.png Sand
Pink Coral.png Pink Coral
Palm Trunk.png Palm Trunk
Palm Top.png Palm Top
Rubber Tree Trunk 2.png Rubber Tree Trunk
Rubber Tree Leaves.png Rubber Tree Leaves
File:SugarCane.png Sugarcane
Red Flower.png Red Flower
Blue Flower.png Blue Flower
White Flower.png White Flower
Yellow Flower.png Yellow Flower
Pink Flower.png Pink Flower
Fern.png Fern
Bush.png Bush
Cotton Bush.png Cotton Bush
File:Fairy.png Fairy


A Volcano can appear in Tropical mines wich contain Soil, Mountain(block) and Lava


  • Tropical Mines Have Less ores than the other Mines