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== Item preview ==
== Item preview ==
<gallery mode="nolines">
<gallery mode="nolines">
File:stonebrick2.PNG|'''Stone Block'''
File:stonebrick2.PNG|'''Stone Brick'''
File:stoneblockscraft2.PNG|'''Stone Block Crafting Window'''
File:stoneblockscraft2.PNG|'''Stone Brick Crafting Window'''

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Stone Brick

Stone Brick.png

Item type:


Available in:


Stone Brick is a Block in Cubic Castles. It has a brick-like texture with light grey color. It is a very common and cheap building material.

How to obtain

To obtain Stone Brick, you must craft them using Stone as the material, with either Anvil or Workbench as crafting station.

Anvil.png OR Workbench.png Stone.png = Stone Brick.png
Anvil Workbench 4 1

Item preview