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Example special (Doorway)

Special items are Cubit Store-bought goods that posses unique properties.

At the moment, there are four categories:

Door Stamps

Item name:
PurplePortal.png Purple Portal Cubit Store
GreenPortal.png Green Portal Cubit Store
BluePortal.png Blue Portal Cubit Store
FuturisticDoors.png Futuristic Door Cubit Store
CaveDoor.png Cave Door Cubit Store
ChiselledCavedDoor.png Chiselled Caved Door Cubit Store
Portcullis.png Portcullis Dungeon Pack
LockedPortcullis.png Locked Portcullis Dungeon Pack
MyRealmSkinDoor.png My Realm Door Skin Unavailable
AdventureDoor.png Adventure Door Unavailable
SlimewayPortal.png Slimeway Portal Unavailable

Environment Stamps

Item name:
WhiteCloudy.png White Cloudy Cubit Store
RedMurk.png Red Murk Cubit Store
Foggy.png Foggy Cubit Store
Dark.png Dark Cubit Store
LightSnow.png Light Snow Weather Pack
Blizzard.png Blizzard Weather Pack
LightRain.png Light Rain Weather Pack
Thunderstorm.png Thunderstorm Weather Pack
Slymed.png Slymed Cubit Store
Bottomless.png Bottomless Cubit Store
BottomlessRed.png Bottomless Red Cubit Store
BottomlessFoggy.png Bottomless Foggy Cubit Store
BottomlessDark.png Bottomless Dark Cubit Store
BottomlessLightSnow.png Bottomless Light Snow Weather Pack
BottomlessBlizzard.png Bottomless Blizzard Weather Pack
BottomlessLightRain.png Bottomless Light Rain Weather Pack
BottomlessThunderstorm.png Bottomless Thunderstorm Weather Pack
BottomlessSlymed.png Bottomless Slymed Cubit Store
Inside.png Inside Cubit Store

Realm Stamps

Item name:
PrincessCastle.png Princess Castle Cubit Store
SmallCastle.png Small Castle Cubit Store
RocketStamp.png Rocket Cubit Store
Pyramid.png Pyramid Cubit Store
Skyscraper.png Skyscraper Cubit Store
Mysterio.png Mysterio Cubit Store
Circus.png Circus Cubit Store
Igloo.png Igloo Cubit Store
Moai.png Moai Cubit Store
Temple.png Temple Cubit Store
Haunted House.png Haunted House Cubit Store
Volcano.png Volcano Cubit Store
Pipe.png Pipe Cubit Store
HalflingHole.png Halfling Hole Cubit Store
TinyKeep.png Tiny Keep Cubit Store
PirateShip.png Pirate Ship Cubit Store
Blimp.png Blimp Cubit Store
DreadTower.png Dread Tower Cubit Store
Pagoda.png Pagoda Cubit Store
Eiffel.png Eiffel Cubit Store
Barn.png Barn Cubit Store
StoreFront.png Store Front Cubit Store
DogHouse.png Dog House Cubit Store
Obelisk.png Obelisk Cubit Store


Item name:
Doorway.png Doorway Cubit Store
PasswordSentry.png Password Sentry Cubit Store
PersonalSentry.png Personal Sentry Cubit Store
FriendSentry.png Friend Sentry Cubit Store
OfficialPapers.png Official Papers Cubit Store
MyPrecious.png My Precious Cubit Store
Nametag.png Nametag Cubit Store