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SirKewberth is one of the game's developers, he can also be referred as SirKew. As well as CosmicCow, he has a red admin tag above his name. Besides SirKewberth, Betamax and CosmicCow are also game's developers.


Became part of the developer team: 2014

Left the developer team: N/A

Roles: Admin/Developer

Nationality: Canadian

Languages known: English, French

Gender: Male

Clan: none

Realms List

SirKewberth is also a creator of many realms. Some of them are:

  1. The Blue Course
  2. The Red Course
  3. The Green Course
  4. Mephisto’s Beach
  5. Riddle of the Skinkz
  6. Mephisto's Sky Palace
  7. Kewberth's Realm
  8. Kewberth's Night Maze

... and many, many others...