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Sci-Fi pack's icon

Sci-fi Pack is a permanent pack that can be found and bought from the Cubit Store.


  • Inside there are 3 smaller packs:
  1. Block Pack A
  2. Block Pack B
  3. Special Pack
  1. Model C
  2. Model F
  3. Model N
  • Robotreatz
  • And new ride, a moon buggy!

Clothing List

The following clothes can be acquired by opening the Special Pack, you will get:

  • 15 slow conveyors
  • 15 fast conveyors
  • 15 green laser walls
  • 15 red laser walls
  • one random clothing item, 1% chance to receive a rare Cosmic Cow Head

Item name:
Modern Helm.png Modern Astronaut Helmet Common
Moonar Helm.png Moonar Helmet Common
SF Helm.png Sci-Fi Astronaut Helmet Common
CC Head.png Cosmic Cow Head Rare

Moonar Pants.png

Moonar Pants Common
Moonar Jacket.png Moonar Jacket Common
Moonar.png Moonar Backpack Common
O2tank.png Sci-fi O2 Tank Common


There are 3 new pets added in the Sci Fi update.


You will require Robotreatz in order to level them up.