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Room doorway with applied Door Stamp

Rooms are similar to Realms; it's their cheaper alternative which can be placed only within the Realm. Also Rooms are useful if you're working on a big project or in need of more space to build in; you can place as many rooms as you want within your Realm for more extra space!

Rooms in Cubit Store

  • Rooms can be vary in prices from 150 Cubit.png to 5000 Cubit.png depending on sizes.

Room Sizes:

5 - 100 X 5 - 100
← Width → ↑ Length ↓

Room Biomes:

  • Biome icon1.pngForest
  • Biome icon2.pngDesert
  • Biome icon3.pngMountain
  • Biome icon5.pngTropical
  • Biome icon4.pngArctic
  • Biome icon6.pngEmpty


  • You can enter Rooms only by entering the Realm first.
  • Room doorway design can be changed by applying any Door Stamp of your choice.
  • Rooms lead to another Realm unlike Doorways.
  • Room owner has the ability to lock/unlock the Room and Ban/Trust a player, just like how a Realm works.
  • Biomes DOES NOT effect the price