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Realm in the Overworld

Realm is a castle which you can plant in the Overworld. After planting you can access it by jumping straight inside it or via search bumper within Lobbies. They are similar to Starter Realm, but can be obtained only via Cubit Store and doesn't include any gifts or items.

Size and Price

Realms price vary from 2750 Cubit.png to 9500 Cubit.png, depending on their size.

5 - 100 X 5 - 100
← Width → ↑ Length ↓

Why do people have many portals in their Realms?

Besides the entrance, you can also have additional Rooms within your realm, as well as doorways that lead to the other part of your Realm.


  • Realms can be renamed with Official Papers, which can be purchased from Cubit Store.
  • There is no block limit within any realm, the only limit is height: 100 blocks for bought realms, 80 for Starter Castle.
  • You can change the environment within your realm, just pick any Environment Stamp you like!
  • You can also use Realm Stamps on your realm to change the appearance.
  • You also can change tags that will specify the type of your realm via Realm Setup.
  • To find out how many blocks you've built, just leave your realm and walk up to it in the Overworld.
  • Only the original owner can place Realms. To be able to place one, you must find a green spot available.