Realm Setup

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Realm Setup is mainly the interface that one uses in order to configure the properties of a realm or rooms in it. One can decide on who may visit the realm, who will be banned, who will build or who will access realm setup by re-configuring realm setup. It also specifies the type of realm as well as enabling or disabling pvp elements/option...

How Can I Access Realm Setup?

One can access realm setup by using the item called "computer" in game. Windows users may also access it by pressing "Esc" button in keybord and selecting purple/pink realm setup button. For other users such as apple or android, one can access by pressing the icon at left top side and selecting purple/pink realm setup button.

What I Can Do By Changing Realm Setup?

Realm Setup is a powerful tool to do various things like:

  • Determining who can visit
  • Determining who can build
  • Determining who can access Realm Setup
  • Trusting, Banning or Unbanning(giving permision to build ect.)
  • Enabling/Disabling Pvp
  • Selecting The Type of Realm (which is shown in skymap)


  • Realm Setup Should Not Be Changed!!! Unless You know what you do... (Safety against scamming)
  • One who has issues with realm setup may contact mods or admins for help
  • Realm Setup is always accesible by owner as long as owner is able to get into room
  • If you cannot access your room or realm check if you are owner or not again, maybe you barrowed from someone or it belongs to your second account.
  • Changing main realm setup may influence all rooms that are placed in that realm...