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[[File:example.jpg|thumb|'''Example of the quest realm''']]
[[Quests]] are a perfect way to gain some EXP and have fun if you're a fan of adventures and challenges.
== What will you find within quests? ==
*'''Educational Quests'''
== What are quests for? ==
Quests are a perfect alternative to building and mining if you wish to level up. All of the quests are certain tasks which get you rewarded with EXP, some cubits or even a rare item! Mostly it's adventures, puzzles and parkours.
There is a quest pack that you can purchase from the cubit store but keep in mind it has an expensive cost and you can only buy the pack once
== Types of quests ==
'''Adventure''' - the very first quest on your cubic journey. It has only educational purposes, and only shows how to play and what to expect in game via story based adventure.
'''Starter Quests''' - obtainable for free as you start off.
'''Additional Quests''' - can be obtained via Cubit Store. It's a big pack of many kinds and difficulties of quests; those will reward you with a fair amount of EXP at completion. (You can only buy once)
'''Daily Quests''' - these quests reset every 24 hours and give 50 cubits as a reward for completion!
== Important notes ==
* Additional Quest pack can be obtained only once, it is also the only way to obtain the [[Redwood Forest Cap]]. [[File:RedwoodForestCap.png|link=Redwood Forest Cap]]
* Additional Quest pack isn't recommended for beginners as some quests require specific perks to be able to finish them.
* A full list of Quests can be found <u> [[Quest List|here]]. </u>
== Example Pictures ==
<gallery mode="nolines">
File:questlist.jpg|'''Your quest list'''
File:finishedquest.jpg|'''Example of completed quest'''

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