Personal Sentry

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Personal Sentry


Item type:


Available in:

Cubit Store

A Personal Sentry is a sentry (lock) that can be used on all types of containers (Such as Chest) and doors To use it, first place the door (doorway/portal) or chest then place the personal sentry on the door or chest. After placing it a window will pop up, saying that you placed it succesfully. Since then, you will be the only one who can access those items. To remove it you just need to move/break the chest/door with sentry.

How to obtain

Personal sentry can be obtained from the Security Pack in the Cubit Store, for 1500 cubits. Each pack contains 5 personal sentries, as well as other types of sentries.


  1. Only you and admins are able to access the container that is place a sentry on.
  2. Other people that have permission in a realm cannot break (or access) a container that the sentry is placed on. However, the realm owner can break it. (Although he/she might not get access to it)
  3. Personal sentry can be placed on all Crafting Stations and Trash Can, since you can put your items there to store it.
  4. Personal Sentry is not stackable

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