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* [[Thanksgiving Pack]]
* [[Thanksgiving Pack]]
* [[Yuletide Pack]]
* [[Yuletide Pack]]
* [[Kitchen Pack]]
==What items are obtainable in each pack?==
==What items are obtainable in each pack?==

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What are packs?

Packs are seasonal and contain exclusive and limited items. Their prices change every year, but some items are succeptibles to be back. They are all available in the Store for changing amounts of time.

What packs are there?

These packs are spread out throughout the year to celebrate different holidays. The complete list is:

What items are obtainable in each pack?

Different type of items can be available in packs :

  • Blocks : Exclusive blocks.
  • Decorative Blocks : They are meant to give a special atmospher to your builds.
  • Food : They can be placeable, or consummable.
  • Pets : They are rare exclusive pets.
  • Cars : Cars aren't within the packs, but are released at the same time with the packs.
  • Clothing Items : These are exclusive items which can be worn by players.
  • Miscellaneous Items : They are not blocks, nor food, but other items.