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IconQbee.pngPlease note! This page is subject to change! Once Overworld 2 is released, expect an entire rewrite of this page!

Preview of an Overworld

Overworlds are the core of Cubic Castles. This is where all the Mines, Cubic Realms, and player-created Realms and Overworld are located.

If you're a a new player, you will need to complete the Tutorial before being able to access them. If you're an advanced player, to travel in between all the Overworlds you have to click on the overworld-icon above your cubits.

Overworlds can be navigated in a list of ways. Players can either walk around and search for everything manually.

Overworld List


  • Official overworlds can be added for the events.
  • You are able to enter realms in Overworlds using either normal jump or double jump.
  • Blocks that you can place in overworld are limited.
  • The official overworld has a CosmicCow Block.