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IconQbee.pngPlease note! This page is subject to change! Once Overworld 2 is released, expect an entire rewrite of this page!

Preview of an Overworld

Overworlds are the core of Cubic Castles. This is where all the Mines, Launchpads, Lobbies, Cubic Realms, and player-created Realms are located.

If you're a a new player, you will need to complete the Tutorial before being able to access them. If you're an advanced player, they can be accessed through Lobbies and leaving the main realm doors. Whilst Lobbies provide the ability to travel in between all the Overworlds, Launchpads also provide an alternate option of doing so.

Overworlds can be navigated in a number of ways. Players can either walk around and search for everything manually, or use the Skymap and save themselves a lot of trouble. The Skymap allows players to instantly warp to selected Realms, search for their names, filter Realm types, Mine types, and even select the official Cubic Realms.

Overworld List


New Eden is the first, original, and the most populated Overworld. It holds official Cubic Realms. It is considered to be the heart of the game. Questoria Wildlands


  • While you can still drag warp cookies and clothing onto your Qbee, you cannot drop any items in the Overworld.
  • Pets are not displayed in Overworlds.
  • You are able to enter realms in Overworlds using either normal jump or double jump.
  • New Overworlds are added as the game's population grows, and fewer Realm spots are available.
  • Aspen and Aegis were player-suggested names in the Overworld naming contest.
  • You are restricted to how much you turn your camera in the overworld.