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*Cosmic Cow (Admin Only)
*Cosmic Cow (Admin Only)
== Official Overworld List ==
== Official Overworlds ==
<big><font color="black">'''Remember! Official Overworlds will always have a cosmic cow icon block placed!'''</font><big
*[[New Eden]]
*[[New Eden]]

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Preview of an Overworld

What's An Overworld?

Overworlds are the core of Cubic Castles. You can find official realms and mines in the official overworlds. You also can navigate to and from realms using the search feature. When you leave a realm you will automatically go to an oveworld. This can be either an official overworld, or a player owned overworld.

How Do I Find My Realm/Personal Overworld?

  • Click the world icon in the upper right corner
  • Click on the magnifying glass in the bottom left corner of the popup menu
  • Scroll down to "Your Realms", and click on your realm/overworld name

How Do I Find Someone Elses Realm/Overworld?

  • Click the world icon in the upper right corner
  • Click on the magnifying glass in the bottom left corner of the popup menu
  • Scroll down, and click on "Search For Another Realm" if you are looking for a realm, or click on "Search For An Overworld" if you are looking for an overworld

How Do I Create My Own Overworld?

  • First, you will want to buy your own overworld. Open the cubit store by clicking the cubit in the top right corner, and navigate to the build section, and then overworld section. From there you will want to buy an overworld, and an overworld pack!
  • After you have bought your overworld, you are ready to create your personal overworld. If you are in a realm, make sure you leave so that you are in an overworld. You can not place it if you are in a realm. Once you are in an overworld, click the world icon in the top right corner. Then, click the magnifying glass on the bottom left corner of the popup menu. From there, scroll down to "Your Realms" and click on the option to create your new overworld. Make sure you give it a good name! It costs 3,000 cubits to change it.

I Have My Own Overworld! Now What?

Place Your Realm As A Castle:

  • Open up your inventory and find the castle spot blocks you got from the overworld pack. You can then place the block anywhere in your overworld!
  • After you have found a good spot to place your castle spot, click on the realm deed of the realm you want to place. Then, click on the placed castles spot block, and it will place your realm!

Note: You can place a realm on as many castle spots as you want!

I Placed My Realm! But How Do I Remove It?

  • Find the crowbar in your inventory that you received from the overworld pack
  • Then, click on the crowbar and click on the castle you would like to remove!

A Castle Is Cool, But How Do I Change It?

  • Open up the cubit store, and navigated to the overworld section again. Then, click on the "Stamps Section" and purchase whatever castle stamp you would like!
  • This stamp can be placed on any realm that has been placed on a castle spot. You will get the castle stamp back if you remove the realm from the castle spot.

What Do Mine Stamps Do?

  • Mine stamps work similar to placing a realm. You can click on a mine stamp, and place it on a castle spot. You then can jump into the mine to go to a public mine of that type!
  • You also can remove mines the same way as realms using the crowbar!


  • Mines you place are not public. There are currently 32 servers per mine type, so you if you jump into your own mine there may already be people in it.

What Do The Icon Blocks Do?

  • By placing an icon block in your overworld, it will change the icon your overworld shows in the overworld list.

There Is 6 Icon Blocks:

  • Star
  • Map
  • Blocks
  • Planet
  • Qbee
  • Cosmic Cow (Admin Only)

Official Overworlds

Remember! Official Overworlds will always have a cosmic cow icon block placed!<big


  • Official overworlds can be added for the events.
  • Blocks that you can place in overworld are limited.
  • The official overworld has a CosmicCow Block.