Orange Half Checker

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Orange Half Checker

Orange Half Checker.png

Item type:


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Orange Half Checker is a half checker-type of Orange Checkers. It has the same appearance of a Orange Checker.

Types of Half Checker

Grey Half Checker.png

Black Half Checker.png

Blue Half Checker.png

Green Half Checker.png

Orange Half Checker.png

Purple Half Checker.png

Pink Half Checker.png

Red Half Checker.png

Yellow Half Checker.png

White Half Checker.png

Grey Half Checker

Black Half Checker

Blue Half Checker

Green Half Checker

Orange Half Checker

Purple Half Checker

Pink Half Checker

Red Half Checker

Yellow Half Checker

White Half Checker

How to obtain

Orange Half Checker is only obtainable by Crafting and can be crafted by using any color of Half Checker and Orange Dye or Orange Checkers and Chisel.

Item name:
Orange Half Checker.png Orange Half Checker
Custom 8.png + Orange Dye.png = Orange Half Checker.png
1 1 1
Orange Half Checker.png Orange Half Checker
Orangec.png + 039.png = Orange Half Checker.png
1 1 1