Mountain Mines

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Mountain Mines.PNG


Mountain Mines can be found in every overworld. They consist of Mountain Blocks, Mountain Grass, and a lot of other blocks. You can also find some Snow and Ice.

Blocks and Resources

Item name:
Item name:
Item name:
Mountain Grass.png Mountain Grass Mountain.png Mountain Ice.png Ice
Snow.png Snow Pine Trunk.png Pine Trunk Pine Bough.png Pine Bough
Mountain Boulder.png Mountain Boulder Yumberry Bush.png Yumberry Bush Wild Hive.png Wild Hive
Nest.png Nest Gold.png Gold Stone.png Stone
Silver.png Silver Iron.png Iron Coal.png Coal
Cave Wall.png Cave Wall Honey.png Honey Dark Raw Stone.png Dark Raw Stone
Emerald.png Emerald Diamond.png Diamond Ruby.png Ruby
Wut.png Artifact

Newbies Tips

  • Mountain Mines are the only mines containing, sometimes, Cavern Mines portals.
  • You need bombs to get emerald, ruby and diamond blocks.
  • Wild hive can whether drop beeswax or honey.