Moe No Wing

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MoMo's Avatar

Moe No Wing is a person who dedicated his spare time to help moderate cubic castles.

Name is "Momo" ingame

About Moe No Wing

Moe No Wing, besides Moderating in-game, like hanging out with friends, playing other video games, and enjoys stealing souls. He likes to say "Babooooo" and has a tendency to run people over with his car.

Joined Cubic Castles: During Beta
Roles: Player, Game Moderator
Joined the In-game Moderator Team: October 23, 2014
Left the In-game Moderator Team: N/A
Location: The United States
Languages Known: English, Chinese (Simplified)
Age: Unspecified.
Gender: Male
Realms:Moe's World Landmark, Moe's Holy Kingdom of War, Momo's The Pyramid of Golden Sun, Tower of Babel 'Migdla d-Babel'