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'''Joined Cubic Castles:''' During Beta <br />
'''Joined Cubic Castles:''' During Beta <br />
'''Roles:''' Player, In-game Moderator<br />
'''Roles:''' Player, In-game Moderator<br />
'''Joined the In-game Moderator Team:'''Mid-2014<br />
'''Joined the In-game Moderator Team:''' Mid-2014<br />
'''Location:'''The United States<br />
'''Location:''' The United States<br />
'''Languages Known:'''English<br />
'''Languages Known:''' English<br />
'''Age:'''Unspecified.<br />
'''Age:''' Unspecified.<br />
'''Gender:'''Male<br />
'''Gender:''' Male<br />
'''Realms:'''N/A<br />
'''Realms:''' N/A<br />
'''Clan:'''N/A<br />
'''Clan:''' N/A<br />

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MoMo's Avatar

Moe No Wing is a person who dedicated his spare time to help moderate cubic castles.

Name is "Momo" ingame

About Moe No Wing

Moe No Wing, besides Moderating the forums, like hanging out with friends, playing other video games, and enjoys stealing souls

Joined Cubic Castles: During Beta
Roles: Player, In-game Moderator
Joined the In-game Moderator Team: Mid-2014
Location: The United States
Languages Known: English
Age: Unspecified.
Gender: Male
Realms: N/A
Clan: N/A