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Your blocks, your castle, your world!
Build anything you can dream up and explore with other players! Cubic Castles is an MMO that combines the best of block-building and 3D platform action! Create fantastic parkour challenges,explore worlds made by other players, or even make new friends!

28-04-2016:  SirKewberth tried to restore the peace but he was blinded by the power of #BlameHorus.
20-04-2016:  Horus took over Cubic Castles and is now taking all the suits, how great is that!
17-04-2016:  BetaMax has had enough of qbees defying his will and made a promise to get revenge.


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Whats2.png   What's Cubic Castles?
Whats2.png   What do I do?
Rooms2.png   Lobbies
Starter2.png   Starter Realm
Levels2.png   Levels
Perks2.png   Perks
Quests2.png   Quests

Overworld2.png   Overworlds
Mines2.png   Mines
Launchpads2.png   Launchpads
Cubic3.png   Cubic Realms
Realm2.png   Realms
Rooms2.png   Rooms

Crafting2.png   Crafting
Blocks2.png   Blocks
Ingredients2.png   Ingredients
Tools2.png   Tools
Clothing2.png   Clothing
Special2.png   Special

Events2.png   Events & Contests
Staff2.png   Game Staff
Cubic2.png   Cubic Lore
History2.png   Cubic History

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